Why Oracle Cards?

I have found that Oracle cards are really powerful in helping me connect with my clients and my audience on a deeper level. This Divine guidance helps us to cut straight into the heart of a block, the unseen path or the deeper truth of a matter we may not have seen before.

The reading is just the beginning of the conversation.

When I give you a personal reading, we often are provided with a place to jump into a deeper conversation about your next steps, something you might look at in a deeper or different way or even something you haven’t considered previously.

I love to help people bust through blocks quickly and efficiently and to see if we are a good fit for deeper work together.  

Gina has done a few readings for me. Each one aligns beautifully with my life, in that moment, and provides clear, actionable steps I can take going forward. Gina’s interpretations provide clarity and a sense of comfort in the knowledge that the Universe is working for my highest good. She brings an element of wonder to her readings, while also remaining grounded. -Carolynn Antcil

Gina Brogan is a truly amazing coach. She is someone I was drawn to immediately. She listens… I mean really listens to you. Within one session she had me looking at my life in a new light and she left me with the knoledge, support and confidence to put together an action plan to continue the good work we had done. She pulled a card for me and it was like a zap of electricity went down my spine. It was exactly what I needed to hear and it brought me to tears – tears of joy because I felt like she could see me and the like the universe had my back and I had exactly what I needed to move forward and feel more at peace. I would recommend Gina to anyone – she is one in a million. -Tyler Baptist

Gina’s Oracle Card Readings are so right on target! She truly has a gift. -Roger

I had been going through a period of doubt and confusion when you pulled the most amazing card for me with some fantastic insights into my path. Sometimes when you are born with certain gifts that have not been accepted by those in your immediate environment it can impact your ability to trust and work with it, Your reading not only cleared that up for me but gave me the confidence I needed to step out of my comfort zone and do something with it, Thank you so much. It is definitely a pleasure to know you. -Deb Norman