About Gina

I am a spiritual life coach, master manifester, meditation coach and full-time single mom.  I am totally obsessed with helping women just like you reconnect with their authentic selves and uncover their passions through customized self-care programs and deep inner exploration.

Growing up, we learn to believe a lot of baloney that is just not true, but we allow it to hold us back.  I used to believe that I was not worthy of being happy wtihout strings attached, enjoying a loving relationship or getting paid for my true gifts and talents.  What a bunch of lies!  Helping you stop telling these lies to yourself is my passion, my purpose, and my complete truth. 

My blog, my videos, my courses, my workshops and my one-on-one coaching packages are all ways I connect and communicate with you to demonstrate how you can Change Your Story and Change Your Life.  

You really can be, do or have anything you desire.  For many of you, it may not even be clear yet what it is you desire.  I totally get that.  For so many years I lived in a fog as a people-pleasing zombie mom.  I couldn’t make even the simplest of decisions without checking with at least 3 other people.  I lived in complete fear all the time.  To know me today would be very hard to believe that.  Today, I live boldly and passionately.  I go after what I want without apology and I have never felt happier, freer or more empowered.  I want this for you!  I want you to be a model for your children.

I love it when a busy mom starts to put her needs ahead of everybody else’s for the first time in years and develops a brand new relationship with herself.  When she recognizes that it is actually in her family’s best interest for her to be happy and well cared for, It’s like witnessing a miracle.  This is a time where everything changes for her. By shining the light on fearful or shameful memories that led her to form limiting beliefs about herself and the world she lives in and installing new  empowering beliefs, she steps into a power and confidence she never thought was possible.  We all start out as incredibly powerful beings and along the way, we repress certain parts of ourselves and close doors to others.

Through our work together, I help you open those doors, learn to establish new boundaries, find your voice and design a new way of living on your own terms. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I offer various ways to work with me, whether it is through my Signature Coaching Package for 3 or 6 months, my live Group Workshops in Santa Monica or my digital course, there is something for everyone.

I have developed several personal development courses guiding people to develop a meditation practice, connect with their inner guidance system and manifest their dream lives from the inside out. Since her own divorce in 2012, she has been on a path of self-discovery and personal growth.

I am a Certified Reiki Level II practitioner, CTA Certified Coach and California Certified Multiple Subject Elementary Teacher and 200-hour Power Yoga Teacher trained.

I live with my two teenage boys in Santa Monica, California.  I love dinner parties, game night with friends, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, yoga and tennis.

Since I was a kid I was an artist. I painted in the basement and sold paintings to friends for a few dollars. I went to art school. When I got married and had children I painted on the kitchen table when I could find the time, but never really found the courage to return to my painting until my husband and I retired and moved to Mexico where I turned my home studio into a working gallery.

But life in Mexico felt too detached from family and friends back in the States and we moved back to California, and I stopped painting. I wasn’t sure why I stopped. I thought maybe I had gotten too old to paint anymore. But it was still there inside me, like a bubble that wanting to rise up out of me.

I struggled for several years unable to paint at all. Then I sought out Gina and she put me on her Design Your Life Coaching Program and I became free again–I became me again!

I am writing this because I just finished holding my first OPEN STUDIO showing in years. It was a grand success, greater than I had hoped it would be and I owe a great deal of my success to my work with Gina. I am already planning my next event! I feel alive again for the first time in years!


Kathleen Gambogi