Gina came to me at a time where I felt extremely vulnerable. Her kindness and gentleness helped me pull myself up and move on. As a coach, she never pushed, but always checked in to see how I was doing. It was extremely helpful to know someone out there was thinking of me.

A seemingly simple suggestion by Gina unlocked an elusive aspect of “raising your vibration.” I had always believed you had to be positive about the very thing you were feeling most insecure about, and I just couldn’t get there. Instead she listed different ways to raise my vibration. One in particular has always been something that has helped me in my life, but for some reason, I didn’t think applied to the level I was functioning at. For me, listening to music and dancing has always made me feel great and suddenly I realized in a flash “oh… I just have to feel good!” I didn’t have to suddenly find courage and strength in the one area I was struggling with. In the future, I plan on using my affirmations and the power of music to keep me going in good times and bad.

Since knowing her, I can say she’s helped me change my outlook with her support and suggestions. Recently I’ve been able to take a major step in achieving my dream of becoming a children’s book Author and Illustrator. With her support I’ve been pushing through my fears and insecurities and have finally secured a literary agent! This is a major step in the process of getting published.

I would gladly tell anyone that if they were looking for an understanding person, sincerity and guidance without feeling like you were being preached to, then Gina is a wonderful choice for a life coach. I can’t thank her enough for the help she’s given me to get through my fears and keep going. owe we

Lorena Proia


According to the American Dream, I had it all. I should have been happy, but my life felt more like a nightmare. Inside I was empty, miserable and angry. My marriage was a place of fear and loneliness. There was no love, no support and definitely no safety in my marriage.

I lived that way until life became truly unbearable to me. I knew I had to change, for myself, for my kids and for our future. I had to save myself from living in constant fear and dread.

I had to show my kids a new way of living and thinking. I had to find my way back to me. What I didn’t know is that it was going to be a long journey with a lot of “lessons” along the way.

One evening, as my boys played football together and I walked around the middle school track, I heard a podcast describing how someone had changed their life by changing their thinking. She was talking about the Law of Attraction. Up until that day, I had considered all of that talk about The Secret and the Law of Attraction to be hogwash and for crazy, lazy people who spent their time and money trying to win the lottery rather than doing old-fashioned hard work. But that night, a different message came through to me and I will never forget the moment everything changed for me. I AM 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE AT THIS MOMENT. In that moment, I handed over my victim mindset forever and stopped telling my story of woe. I stopped blaming my ex-husband, I stopped blaming my son and his Asperger’s and I stopped blaming myself for my circumstances. Instead, I started to see that I could choose a new way to look at everything about my life and what I was capable of creating.

Through my process of waking up and reconnecting with my authentic self through therapy, meditation, energy healing, coaching and intensive immersion into my personal growth work, I realize that I am so much more powerful than I ever thought. Not only do I have clarity about my direction, I have complete confidence that everything I desire is already mine. I just have to claim it and allow it in. I may not know exactly which path I will take or where my path leads, but I know that everything is unfolding perfectly for me because I follow my heart’s desire. I am able to make decisions so much more quickly and easily than ever before. I trust myself, I know myself and I love myself.

I started to make lists of things that I wanted and I started to believe that I could have them. I started to observe the people around me who I admired. I would watch how they did things, how they spoke to and treated other people and how they responded to life’s challenges. I started to emulate these people and then I noticed how my life began to feel different.

Ever so slowly, I gained confidence. I started to believe in myself and to feel slightly more worthy. I asked for more and got more. I asked for a job that would give me direction, stability and income. It had to be close to home and my kids’ school. It had to offer flexible hours and I prayed for nice people to work with. The job that literally landed in my lap was all of those things and more. Shortly after that, I miraculously manifested a beautiful home for my kids and I to live in with a private yard and pool, just blocks from the beach, my job and their school. I was slowly crawling out of the pit of despair I wallowed in for so long. I was living on a lot of hope and faith.

My kids and I still experienced incredibly difficult challenges, but inside, I was becoming a different person. I was becoming someone who could respond to the challenges in a new way and who would not abandon myself out of fear. I was becoming a powerful creator.
All the while, I worked on improving my relationship with myself and asking for more from life. When it came time for me to earn more money, I manifested another job that paid double what I had been earning before which gave us more breathing room financially and it was just as close to home and school. By that point, I knew

I had dreamed of something else that I thought was even more impossible, living with peace and harmony in my home. This felt like a pipe dream for many reasons, but mostly because one of my son’s had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and I had no idea how to handle his emotional outbursts. Our home often felt like a battleground and was filled with anxiety and chaos. I had no control over the energy in our home. But I did have a dream and a vision of a peaceful, warm and fun home for us. As soon as I started my meditation practice and my Reiki certifications, the energy in our home completely shifted for the better. I attribute several things to this shift and among those are my meditation practice, my Reiki attunements, my understanding of my son’s diagnosis and how to communicate with and parent him more effectively and my ever-increasing self-confidence.

As I started putting the pieces of my life together, I became obsessed with learning how I could help other people go from merely surviving to totally thriving. I knew I wanted to educate and inspire women to change their lives. I studied personal growth, I studied yoga teaching, I studied Reiki, I studied about meditation, I studied about different healing modalities, I studied people and I studied success, creation and lifestyle design. I had not only found my purpose, but I stepped into it with gusto and passion!

And 2nd Act Life Coaching was born. I had the tools, the determination and the deep desire to create a business where I could help women in their 2nd Act find their voice, gain control of their lives and design their lives on their terms, without fear of failure, abandonment, judgment or anger by others.

I had to master all of these skills and test them and put them into action in my own life before I was ready to test them on others. It was not long before I was manifesting opportunities and situations out of the blue. Manifestation became just a normal way of life for me. I knew it was time for me to step into my power as a mentor and inspiration to women around the world. In addition to my private coaching, I facilitate live manifestation and healing workshops helping women go from barely surviving to totally thriving.