Install New Beliefs Worksheet

I love this easy to use process which allows you to challenge the limiting beliefs and fears that you have been holding onto (usually without even knowing it) and are ready to replace with new, empowering success beliefs.  I learned this process from Nancy Levin, Author of Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth.

Install New Beliefs Worksheet

Let Go of Resistance…and Allow

When you want something, but feel like it is blocked, try this simple, but not always easy allowing exercise.

Allowing Exercise

The Placemat Process is a really useful tool to help when you are feeling overwhelmed with chores and are feeling like you are being buried by your to-do list.  Simply think of all the things you feel like you need to get done and write down the things you want to take on in the column on the left.  Then list the things you want the Universe to handle for you in the column on the right.

Don’t take this practice lightly.  When you believe and know that you are supported and the Universe has your back, you will see evidence to reinforce that belief and knowing.  You will feel lighter and your energy will be freed up so you can get on with designing your life.   I learned this from Abraham Hicks and love to use this process when I am working on a new project or when I have a deadline that I have to meet.

Getting It Done