Working with Gina has been life changing. In the 4 months we’ve been working together, I have felt a total shift in my outlook on life, how I see myself and my self-worth has grown exponentially. Gina is a warm and caring person who takes genuine interest in her clients and treats them more as family. I had no problem opening up to Gina and talking about any issue that arose. She is available at any time to celebrate successes and work through challenges that come up. She is a champ at making you feel strong, in control of your own life, and amazing.

Danielle G

Had to share with you…I have been talking to my daughter and repeating/sharing some of the things you have shared with me. Her son, my grandson, has been doing horrible in school. The school has been horrible with my daughter…but, she took my advice and stood up for herself. Would not allow the school to insist that she show up 3-4 times a week to stay with Orion. She took charge and told them how it was going to be. Told Orion she was not coming to the school anymore and he had to take whatever consequences for his actions. Then, she stood by her word. For the first time in a couple years, Orion had perfect behavior for an entire week. Came home with several behavior awards. Teachers praising him. School didn’t ask her to come in once

This is huge progress. Just huge
Little man must feel so proud!
I am so thrilled to hear that!

Every time we had a workshop session, I would take some of what I learned and use it to talk to my daughter. It empowered her. People responded to the new her

Yes! That’s what I told my daughter…self care…if she took care of herself, they would respect her more.
The ripple can be felt around the world and so profoundly. I am so thrilled to hear about your family!

I am thrilled too, and thank you so much! This shit works!
And yes…it spreads.

Crystal Alford


Gina Brogan changed my life. She is a wise, intuitive, determined and fun person. She got me to refocus on my goals and happy about it. She gave me hope and encouragement when I was ready to throw in the towel and get a job at local coffee shop. And at first I resisted… a lot. I kept thinking it is too late for me, I am too old, I am too tired, I am not rich enough and on and on with the excuses and the “whoa is me” stories. However Gina kept after me with positive encouraging stories… and every time I would give her my negativity she would give me her wisdom and love. She has a big heart and infectious positive attitude that kept me listening to her. She had a way of talking me thru situations where I was stuck and anxious. Even when I would give her all my reasons for why something would not work she came back with a hundreds reasons why they could work. She made me think outside the box… which is funny because I thought I already did think outside the box. When Gina started coaching me I was in a job that I did not like and had a side “dream” job where I was not doing well with it… and after working with Gina I am back to loving my job and building new ways to succeed in my dream job. Gina has a great program where every week she builds upon the last week and it all comes together. I will continue to hire Gina as my coach because I realize she is as valuable to me when things are not going well as to when things are going well. When I am blocked she helps me get unblocked and when things are good she helps me reach higher. Hiring Gina as my coach was the smartest thing I did in 2016 and I have the work, the money, the friends and the peace of mind to show it.

Kathy R

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