Back by Popular Demand!
Letters From Your Future Self Workshop

Starting September 6, 2017


Oh My Gosh! My kids are going back to school!

Boo Hoo!  I’m going to miss them so much….


Ok, I’m over it…Now it’s MAMA TIME!

So I’m celebrating by bringing back my favorite thing ever: Letters From Your Future Self!

If you missed it last year, you’ll definitely want to be in on this round.

I have used this process for years now to MANIFEST MY DREAMS and I have turned this process into a powerful, high vibe workshop to teach YOU HOW TO MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS & DESIRES.

We start in September and this time we are going to work together for 4 weeks in this LIVE WORKSHOP.

I love sharing this process with people and watching how their lives change. Here are just some things you can expect during the workshop:

1) Get Clarity On Your Desires

2) Raise Your Vibration to attract your DESIRES quickly and easily.

3) Improve your relationship with yourself and learn to be your own BFF to become the magnet for your DESIRES.

4) Custom affirmations and meditations to use everyday create your new beliefs and shift your mindset.

5) Connection with other high-vibe people in our private FB community who will support your dreams and reflect the highest version of you! We all work together to hold the vision for each other. This is super powerful in manifesting our desires.

6) Ongoing support and coaching with me via the FB group. I will be in there everyday answering questions, cheerleading and helping you create new affirmations and beliefs.

I’ve created a workshop series, “Letters From Your Future Self” to help people just like you fall back in love with and get back into the driver’s seat of your lives.

In this workshop you will…
Learn how to tap into and uncover YOUR true desires and distinguish them from OTHER people’s desires.
Learn to cultivate a loving, supportive, healthy BFF relationship with yourself.

Learn to set clear intentions around your dreams and desires.
Learn how to cultivate the FEELINGS of your desired life.
Identify the fears and beliefs that keep you stuck.
Get clarity on your life’s direction.

Get live coaching to help reframe your personal stories and
Install new beliefs that support your desired future.
Raise your vibration to attract more of what you want in life.

The next series of live online workshop dates are September 6, 13 & 20 at 7:00 pm PST.

Upon receipt of payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to a guided meditation that you can start using immediately!

Prior to the start date you will receive log-in details for the video conference portal.
You will have access to the workshop recordings and Facebook Group forever.
Raise your vibration to attract more of what you want in life.

Sign up before Sept 1, 2017 to catch the EARLY BIRD PRICE!

Gina Brogan is amazing! Let me tell you not that I’ve just had a great session with her on Skype. She was brilliant and she brought some things to my attention that I couldn’t see because I’m too attached to it all. Thanks so much Gina for doing that. You have made my day and guess what ladies. I’m off to work tomorrow in my corporate job, but I can cope because of the tools she has given me. Gina you have such a nice was about you and you are one great listener.

Melaine Whitaker

If you feel loved, you radiate love to the people around you. And what you put out, you get back.

In this workshop series, we will be setting intentions for our ideal relationships while we also learning to recognize and reframe our limiting beliefs and fears about our relationships with others.

Through my personal growth work I have gone from self-loathing girl to self-loving goddess. I know my value as a mom, friend, coach and member of the community. I know how to take care of myself and my boundaries. I know how to communicate my needs assertively, rather than passively or aggressively. I decide what energy I am available and what I am not. I set the standard for my life and it feels amazing.

I am no longer in a constant state of fear, resentment or anger with others. My relationships feel clear and satisfying and less confusing.

I want this for you, too. So let’s do this and have some FUN!

About Gina

Hi, I’m Gina.  I am a spiritual life coach who loves to mentor women to move through their internal blocks so they can pursue lives with more passion, purpose and power.  I have been using this process of writing letters from my future self for a few years to help me gain clarity on my truest desires, connect with myself in a fun, loving way and to raise my vibration as I celebrate all of the wonderful experiences, accomplishments and relationships that await me.

While this work is super fun, it is also powerful, deep and transformational.  You will really enjoy digging into your desires and learning about what is truly important to you as you put pen to paper to connect with your soul and coach yourself through transforming old stories into new, empowering stories.

I am honored that you are visiting my website and I am always available to answer any questions you have about my coaching, workshops or retreats.  You can read more about me and my journey here.