I’m Gina Brogan and I know how you feel.

It is hard to believe that less than 5 years ago, I was a newly single mom of two very young boys barely getting by in a new city with a part-time job and a chaotic personal life.

To be honest, I was a hot mess!

I was not equipped spiritually, emotionally or financially to pull my family out of our poverty and despair, and I almost didn’t. I distinctly remember a phone call with my brother (who was by that time one of the only people who was still talking to me because I was always so miserable and my friends and family felt powerless to help me). My brother said something, (I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I DO remember he convinced me to hang on for one more day and to not give up).

And then I stumbled on a Law of Attraction Podcast. I remember the host, Karen Luniw insisting that I could be, do or have anything I set my heart on if I practiced her strategies. I’m not sure why, probably because I was literally so desperate, but I was suddenly hooked. I started to listen to her constantly. I started to write lists of things I wished I could have.
I started to dream….and I have never stopped dreaming.

  • I dreamed of a good job.
  • I manifested one even better than I thought existed.
  • I dreamed of a convertible.
  • I manifested the most beautiful white BMW convertible.
  • I dreamed of a beautiful home.
  • I manifested the most amazing, perfect, beautiful home with a private pool.
  • I dreamed of an even better job two years later.
  • I manifested one that paid double and was close to home and even better than I thought possible.

I teach the principles of Abraham Hicks, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Amanda Frances, Gabby Bernstein, A Course In Miracles and so many other thought leaders in the field of quantum physics and the universal laws.

Since I was a kid I was an artist. I painted in the basement and sold paintings to friends for a few dollars. I went to art school. When I got married and had children I painted on the kitchen table when I could find the time, but never really found the courage to return to my painting until my husband and I retired and moved to Mexico where I turned my home studio into a working gallery.

But life in Mexico felt too detached from family and friends back in the States and we moved back to California, and I stopped painting. I wasn’t sure why I stopped. I thought maybe I had gotten too old to paint anymore. But it was still there inside me, like a bubble wanting to rise up out of me.

I struggled for several years unable to paint at all. Then I sought out Gina and she put me on her Design Your Life Coaching Program and I became free again—I became me again!

I am writing this because I just finished holding my first OPEN STUDIO showing in years. It was a grand success, greater than I had hoped it would be and I owe a great deal of my success to my work with Gina. I am already planning my next event! I feel alive again for the first time in years!

-Kathleen Gambogi

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