I am designing, creating and living the life I have dreamed of for a long time. I am doing the work I was born to do… I coach, educate, and inspire people just like you to bring their dreams to life and live happier, more passionate lives.  

I will help you and stand by you as you develop a healthier relationship with yourself, then watch as everything else starts to fall into place.  I will share with you the exact strategies I put in place to go from barely surviving to totally thriving.

I love that I get to do this work, but I don’t love that it took me a lot longer than it could have because I did it by myself.  What I needed and craved when I was just starting out on my personal growth journey was a tribe to support me, hold me accountable and help me bring my dream to life more quickly.

Do you crave a community of seekers and dreamers to stand by you, help you and keep you accountable as you take your life to the next level of awesome?

I have created the Magnetic Living Mastermind group out of an overwhelming response from my clients and followers who wanted it!

If you have been denying yourself the experiences and lifestyle that you really want, now is the time to say Yes to YOU?

During these calls, you will:

*learn to raise your vibration and attract from a higher vibrational set point.
*learn to recognize your fears and limiting beliefs so you can bring them to the surface and use them to create new stories and beliefs.
*learn to create a success mindset.
*learn to tap into and listen to your intuitive guidance.
*learn to take inspired action.
*learn to act as if and step into the life of your dreams.
*get coaching on how to apply the manifesting process to your real-time dream building journey.
*receive support from myself and the group to keep you moving through your fears and limiting beliefs.
*and most importantly you will be a part of a community of like-minded seekers, dreamers, and doers who are on their journey of expansion.

You get the guidance and leadership you need to help you step out of your comfort zone, stand in your truth and power, and trust the manifestation process.

You enjoy the benefits of being part of a community of fellow seekers who develop supportive relationships with one another, hold space for each other’s dreams, connect with each other and hold each other accountable.

Act Now! These introductory prices are only available through the end of the year!

Gina Brogan changed my life. She is a wise intuitive, determined and fun person. She got me to refocus on my goals and happy about it. She gave me hope and encouragement when I was ready to throw in the towel and get a job at a local coffee shop. And at first I resisted….a lot. I kept thinking it is too late for me, I am too old, I am too tired, I am not rich enough and on and on with the excuses and the “whoa is me” stories.

However Gina kept after me with positive encouraging stories…and every time I would give her my negativity she would give me her wisdom and love. She has a big heart and infectious positive attitude that kept me listening to her. She had a way of talking me thru situations where I was stuck and anxious. Even when I would give her all my reasons for why something would not work she came back with a hundreds reason why they could work. She made me think outside the box…which is funny because I thought I already did think outside the box.

When Gina started coaching me I was in a job that I did not like and had a side “dream” job where I was not doing well with it…and after working with Gina I am back to loving my job and building new ways to succeed in my dream job. Gina has a great program where every week she builds upon the last week and it all comes together. I will continue to hire Gina as my coach because I realize she is as valuable to me when things are not going well as to when things are going well. When I am blocked she helps me get unblocked and when things are good she helps me reach higher. Hiring Gina as my coach was the smartest thing I did in 2016 and I have the work, the money, the friends and the peace of mind to show it.


What’s Included?

Select Membership Includes:

*Group membership
*1 monthly private coaching session
*Personal Oracle Reading
*Custom Facebook Messenger support in between coaching sessions

VIP Includes:

*Group Membership
*2 monthly private coaching sessions
*2 Personal Oracle Readings
*Custom FB Messenger Support in between coaching sessions.

Gina came to me at a time where I felt extremely vulnerable. Her kindness and gentleness helped me pull myself up and move on. As a coach, she never pushed, but always checked in to see how I was doing. It was extremely helpful to know someone out there was thinking of me.

A seemingly simple suggestion by Gina unlocked an elusive aspect of “raising your vibration.” I had always believed you had to be positive about the very thing you were feeling most insecure about, and I just couldn’t get there. Instead she listed different ways to raise my vibration. One in particular has always been something that has helped me in my life, but for some reason, I didn’t think applied to the level I was functioning at. For me, listening to music and dancing has always made me feel great and suddenly I realized in a flash “oh… I just have to feel good!” I didn’t have to suddenly find courage and strength in the one area I was struggling with. In the future, I plan on using my affirmations and the power of music to keep me going in good times and bad.

Since knowing her, I can say she’s helped me change my outlook with her support and suggestions. Recently I’ve been able to take a major step in achieving my dream of becoming a children’s book Author and Illustrator. With her support I’ve been pushing through my fears and insecurities and have finally secured a literary agent! This is a major step in the process of getting published.

I would gladly tell anyone that if they were looking for an understanding person, sincerity and guidance without feeling like you were being preached to, then Gina is a wonderful choice for a life coach. I can’t thank her enough for the help she’s given me to get through my fears and keep going. owe we

-Lorena Proia

Some of the activities we will work on and share together:

Create a 2018 Vision Board

Write Letters From Our Future Self

Push ourselves out of our comfort zone and take bigger risks

Hot Seat Coaching

Group Oracle Readings

You get:

Access to all of the strategies I use to live a manifesting lifestyle

Exclusive membership in a safe community where you can share your deeper fears, blocks, limiting beliefs and get support from the group and from me to reframe these and turn them into new stories and new truths.

(I will be in the group every day to share information and answer questions).

Lessons on how to create an abundance mindset and to completely change your relationship with money.

Special lessons from guest experts in money, love, business, career, family, parenting and many other timely topics.

Lessons on the power of affirmations and how to create your own affirmations to create a success mindset.

Support creating your own self-care and self-love habits to become a powerful magnet for your desires.

Deep journaling prompts to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Lessons on how to raise your vibrational set point and live from a higher vibration most of the time.

Specific tools and actions to take to cultivate an outrageously positive mindset.

Learn to Raise your standards in your relationships and in all areas of your life.

Learn to assertively communicate your needs and desires with respect, compassion, and love.

Learn to set and maintain clear boundaries.

Spend more time in JOY, GRATITUDE, and LOVE.

Create new RULES for your life as you ditch old, outdated rules that no longer apply to your life.

Act Now! These introductory prices are only available through the end of the year!